City of Titans Explains Costume Unlocks

When City of Titans revealed its latest costume pieces a little while ago, a lot of people ended up wondering how City of Titans costume unlocks work. The devs have put out a fresh post to help explain the process.

city of titans costume unlocks

The new dev blog post, penned by business lead David “Terwyn” MacKay, explained that the vast majority of costume pieces would be available right from the outset. That said, the game is also a business, and since microtransactions will keep the servers blinking, other costume pieces will have to be obtained through the in-game store.

There are two ways to go about this: the direct way by paying for the item itself, or unlocking via gameplay. The primary difference between the two methods is that purchasing an item unlocks it account-wide, while gameplay unlocks will be character specific. Earning costume pieces can be done a variety of ways such as through exploration or as mission rewards, and some costume items will naturally be more challenging to unlock than others.

What the devs don’t want to do, however, is exploit players. To that point, a budgeting tool is being included that will let players track their spending and even set a monthly spending cap. “While it’s generally understood that games need to be profitable, there is a growing awareness of the ways player spending can spiral out of control,” explains the post.

More details on the kinds of costume pieces the in-game store will feature will be ahared in a later post.

Our Thoughts

A cosmetic shop for City of Titans isn’t entirely surprising news and neither is the option for having items unlock via gameplay. What is surprising here is the budgeting tool’s inclusion, which gives one the sense that this is a studio that gives a damn about people’s spending habits. Kudos to the City of Titans team for this decision. We’re looking forward to seeing the ways we can dress up!

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