Cliff Bleszinski and Nexon Team Up to Create FPS game LawBreakers

Industry veteran Cliff Bleszinski, famous for the Unreal franchise and Gears of War has, with his new studio Boss Key Productions teamed up with Nexon America to create first person shooter LawBreakers.

LawBreakers Logo

LawBreakers is a team based first person shooter set in an alternate future where the entire world has been split into two factions. This happened after a cataclysmic event called “The Shattering” altered how gravity works. The Shattering brought forth an age of technological advancement in which society learned to manipulate gravity and have near super-human powers. Players must pick a side to either uphold the peace as Law, or join a highly organized crime syndicate and become a Breaker.

LawBreakers will be playable near PAX Prime this weekend, however those interested in giving it a try will find themselves hunting for a secret location following clues left on LawBreaker’s twitter account as well as Boss Key Production’s account. One map and four different characters will be playable. If you aren’t able to attend PAX don’t worry, on Friday at 9AM Eastern they will debut the first gameplay footage.

Until then you can learn more about the game’s history in the official LawBreakers announcement trailer.

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