Clockwork City Opens for The Elder Scrolls Online Console Players

You know the steps to this dance by now: the PC version gets the shiny, then the Xbox and PS4 players. And so it goes for The Elder Scrolls Online’s new Clockwork City console release, introducing the new DLC for purchase and the features of Update 16 for all players.

clockwork city console launch

I’ve literally written this already, so let’s just do a brief review of all the new things in case clicking that link is tough to do: Clockwork City is the titular new region available with the update, letting players into Sotha Sil’s penultimate creation. The DLC offers 10 hours of questing and a new Trial among other features at a cost of 2,000 Crowns.

For those unwilling or unable to spend money, Update 16 has you covered with balance changes, the Crazy King PvP Battleground, a Trait Tracker, and the Transmutation system to let you customize Traits on weapons and armor.

In addition to the update, ESO has decided to join the Xbox One X Enhancement Club, bringing native 4K resolution, “true HDR”, and other pretty graphical tricks like enhanced draw distance and real-time water reflections.

Our Thoughts

We’re not yucking on anyone’s yum here: our own guided tour of the Clockwork City found plenty of new things to enjoy for players of all sorts, and we hope that console fans of ESO will enjoy their adventures with the latest update.

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