Closed Beta for Defiance 2050 Confirmed for April

…and so begins the march towards a new chapter in Defiance’s history. Trion Worlds has locked down some dates for the Defiance 2050 closed beta, confirming the weekend of Friday, April 20th through Sunday, April 22nd for those who sign up and are selected.

defiance 2050 closed beta

The weekend beta test will be available to players on PC, Xbox One and PS4, though PS4 players should note that testing will be limited to North America only. During closed beta testing, players will get to play with the Assault class and customize it to their playstyle with the game’s new overhauled weapons and mod system.

Those who are interested in signing up to be selected can do so here, either by creating an account from scratch or signing in with an existing Glyph account. The scale and scope of the test was not provided in the announcement, but there will not be an NDA in place.

Our Thoughts

Well, time to see what’s different between the world of Defiance and the world of Defiance 2050. Not only will this likely provide a good first look at how the game has changed, but this will, ideally, help Trion Worlds and the 2050 devs work out initial wrinkles when the game makes its full free-to-play launch. If you’re signing up, may your name be drawn from the hat!

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