Closed Beta for Sky Noon Starts April 19

The air-powered online FPS shove-em-up Sky Noon has decided to lock down a date for the next major leg of testing. Thursday, April 19th will mark the start of Sky Noon closed beta, which brings a weekend-long test of the game for those whose names were drawn from the hat. Which is probably a cowboy hat.

sky noon closed beta

Specifically, closed beta for Sky Noon runs from Thursday, April 19th at 12pm PDT through Monday, April 23rd at 12pm PDT. If you want to get in, you’ll have to join in the shooter’s Discord server and authorize a Discord bot that will dish out keys. Once closed beta begins, that bot will be flinging closed beta keys on a first come, first served basis.

As for the game’s arrival to Steam Early Access, there’s still no firm date on that with the exception of Q2 of this year. The announcement also did not elaborate on just how big this closed beta test will be, so if you’re among those interested in checking things out, you’ll probably want to sign yourself up.

Our Thoughts

We’re not terribly sure if the beta key distribution methods here are the best way to go, but we’re also fans of Sky Noon after our own hands-on preview so we’re glad to see this honestly unique FPS making its way to closed beta. May fortune smile upon those who are looking to get a key and beta testing be helpful for the devs!

Source: press release

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