Conan Exiles Issues a Massive Parity Patch for Xbox One

It’s been delayed for a little while, but the much-anticipated Conan Exiles parity patch is finally being released for Xbox One players, bringing several PC patches’ worth of updates to the Xbox One edition of the multiplayer survival sandbox.

conan exiles parity patch

As Xbox fans are likely aware, this patch has been coming for a while, but was held back yesterday due to some technical problems that arose when trying to upload the build. However, it looks like those hurdles have been cleared and the immense update is coming online.

The patch notes for this update open with a warning that the collision of wall-shaped building pieces and triangle foundation pieces has changed, which could lead to some odd builds that could see placeable items suddenly disappear despite internal testing. You’re advised to move any placeables on to square foundation pieces just in case.

As for PS4 players, unfortunately this same parity patch will not be arriving to their console of choice today. According to the game’s Twitter account, the patch did not pass certification due to its size and so the team will be deleting old and unused files in order to trim it down. In the meantime, Xbox One players have got some very beefy patch notes to comb over.

Our Thoughts

By Crom that’s a big patch!

Sources: official forums, Twitter

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