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Could Global Agenda Really Be Free-to-Play?

Well, yes and no. The already award-winning title announced its pricing strategy including a F2P model, that is after you buy the $60 game box. Last Wednesday interviewed Global Agenda’s Executive Producer Todd Harris on the pricing model for Hi-Rez Studio’s upcoming MMOFPS (Think of Halo and World of Warcraft 9 months after a particularly romantic night). He answered questions regarding just how limited non-subscribers would be, the choice to go with a $12.99/month model instead of the more popular $15, and a few game features that have been recently revealed to the public.

Their goal is to “make the non-Conquest[non-subscriber] game much more than just a gimped version of a full MMO.” and not make it just some teaser. Supposedly you can shell out the cash for the box and not feel at a massive disadvantage for not becoming a subscriber. Those of us who are veterans of MMO’s and are already acclimated to paying monthly fees for a game or two also won’t find it hard to justify it for this game. If you want the true feel of an MMO: guilds, auction house and some real PVE; you’ve gotta pay up.

Here’s the full description of the subscription system:

Global Agenda (one time purchase – $49.99 MSRP) includes:

  • Creation of up to eight different agent characters
  • Character visual customization
  • Access to all combat weapons and devices
  • Cooperative Player vs. Environment missions against the Commonwealth NPC faction, AI-controlled enemies, and Boss Fights
  • Matchmade Player vs. Player missions with five different game types and over 20 unique maps
  • Character progression through 30 levels
  • Achievement and unlocks system for individual characters
  • Player Inventory for suits, flair, dyes, upgrades, and loot
  • Virtual Reality practice fighting area
  • Vendors and accumulation of in-game currency
  • Text chat with multiple channels
  • Built in voice chat during missions
  • Ability to join an established player-created agency
  • All play is on our single-shard, hosted server environment to ensure convenient and consistent gaming experience.
  • Ability to sign up for one free month of a “Global Agenda: Conquest” subscription at registration (credit card required, can be cancelled at any time, details on Conquest package are below)

Global Agenda: Conquest

($12.99 per month, $11.49/mo for 3 month, $9.99/mo for 6 month) includes:

  • Access to Alliance vs. Alliance (AvA) World Domination gameplay
  • A massive scale campaign between player created agencies and alliances over scarce territory and resources on a persistent world map.
  • Attack and Defend Territories in zones that match your agency’s schedule
  • Agency and Alliance Management
  • Create and maintain persistent player groups and officer ranks
  • Creation and Upgrading of Facilities
  • Control production and output
  • Base Raids involving up to 60 players per side; coordinated between 6 different strike teams within linked territory instances
  • Agency Achievement System, Leveling, and Recognition
  • Auction House with bidding and buyouts
  • Mail System
  • Upgrade Text and Voice chat to support multiple channels and strike teams
  • Player Crafting with blueprints
  • Additional character customization options including elite character suits, dye colors, and seasonal flair
  • Ongoing Co-Op content at max character level
  • Ongoing AvA content, multiplayer PvP content, and new social areas

Global Agenda, and Hi-Rez Studios, for that matter, have done nothing but impress.  So lets keep our fingers crossed and hopefully by the first quarter of 2010 we’ll have a ground breaking MMO on our hands. I don’t know about you, but I think if I could have a World of Warcraft(or Aion, if you’re keeping up with the times) with a little more skill required(aiming), some more interesting battle-grounds and no grinding(please god, no more grinding) I’d be in heaven.  What do you guys think about this new contender?

Does Global Agenda have anything for you?


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