Crafting and Winter Take Up Crowfall’s October ACE Q&A

As sure as the seasons turn, a fresh month has brought along a fresh Q&A video from Crowfall‘s lead devs. In the October ACE Q&A session, design lead Thomas Blair and creative director J. Todd Coleman talk economy, parcels, the gameplay beats of winter and more.

october ace q&a

The video opens with a question about why crafting materials are available from vendors. In short, the devs wanted to balance time spent on the low end between harvesting and PvP, as there was too much time spent harvesting materials to get back into the fight. That said, the cost of materials are a bit too cheap, so that is due for adjustment.

The next question talked about the parcel token system, which essentially is a way to gauge how many buildings of a certain size can go on a single parcel. As of right now with patch 5.7, it’s an incomplete feature; parcels will be able to be upgraded to allow more buildings, but that system has not been built yet.

The devs also take a moment to talk about the gameplay beats tied to the four seasons that run through a Campaign. As of right now, since fall and winter aren’t in play yet, most of the gameplay focuses on a lot of harvesting and crafting with an admitted lack of purpose to PvP. Ideally, once fall and winter come online, players will see increased combat. The plan is spring and summer will have more plentiful resources and so teams will focus mainly on crafting weapons and armor to fuel the late-game war effort.

The Q&A video also offers word on nerfing the Assassin, getting more cutting grit, and other matters. You can take it all in below.

Our Thoughts

Once a full Campaign and all of its related seasons come, things in testing for Crowfall should be significantly more interesting, especially for the wider majority of folks who want a more complete game experience. We’ll hopefully not have too long to wait, but considering the pace of this particular MMO’s development, that wait won’t be too tough.

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