Crates and Progression Get Adjusted in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Just in case you think that raising hell to game devs doesn’t work, we’d like to direct your attention to the changes to Star Wars Battlefront 2 crates that have been revealed; changes that were implemented as a direct result of beta feedback according to the announcement.

star wars battlefront 2 crates

The first and most notable adjustment involves Epic Star Cards – the highest tier of character-buffing Star Card there is. These cards will not be available in loot crates, but will instead be earned through the game’s crafting system. Epic cards gained through pre-ordering any deluxe or other editions will still be dished out, however.

On the subject of Star Cards, players will need to be a certain rank before Star Cards can be upgraded. The measure is intended to make sure players simply don’t buy several loot crates, break any Star Cards within down into upgrade materials, then craft better cards from the very start.

Certain weapons will also be locked behind progression as well, with class milestones now becoming a path to unlocking a special weapon for that same class. Class-specific crates will also be rewarded by playing a class, with Star Cards and crafting materials to help you improve your favorite class packed into these crates.

Our Thoughts

That’s more like it: actual progression and power earned through regular play and not directly from opening up your damn wallet. While we’re still not excited about the RNG aspect of progression-linked crates and whatever headaches that will bring, these adjustments definitely sound like a step in the right direction.

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