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The Crew Releases Second DLC: Speed Live

Ubisoft launches its second DLC content update for it’s racing MMO, The Crew. The new DLC called Speed Live features a new add-on car pack, Eliminator PVP mode with 10 different races and a variety of new tuning options. Players who don’t wish to purchase the new DLC will also be treated to some additional content. Free to all users are the new faction missions. Several new missions have been added to challenge even the best players.

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With America’s top super car Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo, the luxurious Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series and the agile Alfa Romeo 4C, the Speed Car Pack will make players’ hearts skip a beat, racing full throttle.

Take the lead and stay ahead in the new Eliminator PvP mode.  Available for 10 new PvP races and playable with two to eight players per race, players will start with several lives, and every time the timer expires, the player in last place will lose a life, continuing until only one car is left.

Four new faction missions, themed for speed racers, are now available to all players, free of charge, in the Speed Live Update. Outrun the clock through the harsh, unforgiving terrain of the Badlands in Dave Z, find yourself in a top secret race in the middle of the desert in The Branchu Loop,  enjoy drag racing against a mystery opponent in The Point of No Return, and test your skills in a tight technical course with no grip in On Thin Ice.

The Crew

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