Crowfall Archetypes No Longer Bound by Race

So just what was that whole week’s worth of teases all about? Like we guessed, it was about Crowfall archetypes, but not quite the direction we thought. Archetypes will now no longer be restricted by character race, letting players craft the armor-plated Guinecean of their dreams. Or maybe that’s just our dreams.

crowfall archetypes

The barrier between race and class has been knocked down in large part to the continued funding Crowfall has raised according to a post on the game’s website.

“When we started this project, we decided (as a cost control measure) to use ‘archetypes’ instead of a traditional MMO character creation system where players could separately choose a RACE and a CLASS to make a unique and customized character. Thanks to our continued success in crowdfunding and our private funding efforts, we are delighted to announce that we have overcome this limitation.”

As a result of this new level of customization, the term “archetype” is now officially striken from the record, with updated information about all of the game’s classes and races now available to view on the game’s website.

Despite the lowered restrictions, there are still some races that cannot be certain classes once the game launches, though that may be adjusted at a later time. “For the most part, we made the decisions based on our game narrative and how popular each potential combination would be for our players,” explains the post.

crowfall archetypes

Disciplines are also arriving to Crowfall as a form of “sub-class’ or profession for players to further customize their characters. Disciplines currently are broken up into three different types: Weapon Specializations, Major Disciplines and Minor Disciplines. These new modifiers are tied to craftable Runestones that can be looted and traded, and offer unique benefits based on how they were crafted.

There are currently over 100 Disciplines in the game, and nearly all of them can be equipped by any class with a few exceptions. Characters can equip one Weapon Specialization, two Major Disciplines, and three Minor Disciplines.

crowfall archetypes

Finally, Crowfall will be receiving a graphical upgrade thanks to work with some of Unity’s engineers. Not only will the game’s graphics sharpen up, but client performance is also being enhanced as a result of the work. All of the new graphical settings will open up the possibility of new biome pallettes for Crowfall, and the new lighting system will help to create brighter sunrises and darker nights.

The graphical overhaul and 100 new Disciplines are potentially coming to the game’s next test this coming weekend. The new class and race combinations are still in development, but will be rolled out over the course of the summer as each combination becomes playable. Complete information can be found on the Crowfall website, and a video showcasing the new graphics is available to view below.

Our Thoughts

While the breakdown of class and race restrictions is pretty awesome (as well as pretty close to what we thought), we are even more excited at the level of customization these new Discipline Runestones will provide. Creating a character in Crowfall is now becoming an even more challenging decision. Except for the racial part. Obviously, Guinecean is the only answer.

Source: official site

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