Crowfall Digs into the Necromancy Profession

Seeing as it’s the month of Halloween and Crowfall is already celebrating its more bestial and spooky nature, this month has taken its most logical conclusion: a dev blog with a deeper look at the Crowfall Necromancer profession and just how it can help build new vessels for players.

crowfall necromancer profession

A lot of this stuff was covered last year, so for the sake of expediency we’ll note that Necromancy is the crafting profession that lets players inhabit more powerful bodies (or vessels) to gain better stats and bonuses. A new benefit of higher quality vessels revealed in today’s dev blog is that they receive more benefits from the Sacrifice advancement system.

Of course, crafting a vessel of any quality will require a lot of materials and parts. That’s where Graveyards come in. These locations are essentially harvesting nodes for Necromancers, letting them dig up body parts to build vessels. The higher your Gravedigging skill, the more chance you’ll unearth higher quality parts and even additives.

The additives system was also elaborated on, with a Restored Head part given as an example. The part can take two eye additives, and eyes can confer benefits like an increase of the Perception stat or improved Far-Sight. Necromancers can match or mix any of these additives to build the body that they want. Additives currently are loot drops, but more ways to get them are being added later.

Our Thoughts

Like we said when we were first exposed to the Necromancy profession, this definitely is the most creative use of the well-worn fantasy trope ever devised. Naturally, we’re happy to learn more about what this profession involves and are looking forward to more implementation.

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