Crowfall Elaborates on the Hunger Mechanic

Just to clarify off the bat, when I’m writing about Crowfall Hunger, I’m not talking about a mechanic that forces your avatar to eat berries scavenged from the forest. I’m referring to a world-corrupting malevolence that freezes natural resources and irrevocably twists natural life into ravenous terror-beasts. Pretty different mechanics, those.

crowfall hunger

The Hunger in the lore of Crowfall is some mysterious force that has continually eaten up the shattered worlds of the game’s universe. When this force arrives in the campaign world of Crowfall, it does so in pretty obvious fashion, spawning a corrupted crystal that freezes the ground, traps all harvestable resources in unbreakable ice, and turns local wildlife into corrupted and violent forms regardless of their usual nature.

The only way to clear this corruption is to use Spirit Tools on the crystalline formation that spawns, which will free up the frozen resources for harvesting once again while also yielding Hunger Shards for use in activities like crafting or starting a siege.

However, players don’t stop the corruption of the Hunger so much as delay it; the mechanic is directly tied to both seasons and the day/night cycle that were brought up by the devs in a prior blog post. In short: the night is more dangerous, and the Hunger more widespread as the campaign world closes in on Winter and that world’s eventual end.

While the blog post does a good job of explaining the mechanic, what it doesn’t offer is a timeline for when these new features will be arriving to either Test or Live, other than the nebulous promise of Soon™.

Our Thoughts

Considering that Campaign Worlds are meant to be temporary, it does make sense to have some all-consuming force make sure everyone gets what they want done in time. The question that remains here, though, is whether the moment-to-moment gameplay of fighting over worlds that are going to be eaten up by the Hunger anyway will be enough to keep people around for a long period of time. After all, what’s the point of a game of war if you’re not getting a sense of progress?

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