Crowfall Introduces the Fae Assassin Archetype

Who says that faeries need to be tiny, fluttery, weak little magic-casters? Not the devs of Crowfall, as they have unveiled the Fae Assassin archetype and her variety of poisons, pips, stealth attacks and wings.

fae assassin archetype

The new archetype will not only open up new adjustments to the game’s current stealth system but also new opportunities for positional attacks according to the blog post. The Assassin will not only allow front and back positioning for maneuvers like a Backstab, making positioning an important part of Crowfall’s combat overall across other archetypes.

In addition to a Backstab ability, mention of the use of poisons, and a stealth power that makes the Assassin semi-translucent, her wings will allow her to double-jump and glide from high falls in order to mitigate fall damage or cover ground swiftly. While the Fae Assassin is currently only a female avatar, an alternate sex option of the archetype is in the works like other classes in the game.

More about the Fae Assassin’s powers and playstyle will be announced at a later time, but current information can be read here.

Our Thoughts

Not only is a new stealth class an exciting development, but the positional combat she’s providing the game could mean that tactics will begin to play a greater part in Crowfall’s combat. We are definitely eager to see how this new archetype works!

Your Thoughts

What are your feelings on the Fae Assassin archetype? Do you enjoy stealth classes or do you think they ruin PvP games? Give us your thoughts below.

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