Crowfall Offers a Detailed Look at the Assassin

Earlier this month, we got a second-hand look at the Assassin class in action. Now, we’ve got a more directed and first-hand look with a Crowfall Assassin video direct from the devs themselves.

crowfall assassin video

As one would expect, this footage provides a lot more depth on the Assassin and what its capable of in combat. The Assassin is capable of stunning, backstabbing and otherwise darting in and out of danger with a variety of moves that take advantage of new positional combat enhancements while also having skills that can blind the target.

The Assassin is also able to use different types of toxins to augment their attacks. Toxins come in three flavors – Nature, Disease and Poison – and can be created by players who follow the Alchemy crafting discipline.

You can get a closer look at the Assassin and all of its abilities in the video below.

Our Thoughts

We had a feeling the Assassin was going to be a fun and swift little class from that stream we discovered, but now we have a much better idea of just how fun and swift it can be. With that said, while this class does look interesting, it also doesn’t really break the mold of the rogue class. Regardless, it’s likely the Assassin will cause some trouble in the battlefields of Crowfall.

Source: YouTube

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