Crowfall Pre-Alpha 5.6 Adds Vassals, Races and a New World

The Live server is getting a pretty significant update today with the launch of Crowfall pre-alpha 5.6, which is adding a variety of new things for players of the throne war sandbox MMO, such as Vassals to Eternal Kingdoms, some new races, and a new map with the game’s first pass at procedural generation.

crowfall pre-alpha 5.6

On the Eternal Kingdoms front, the Vassal system has been implemented, granting EK owners the option to assign other players as Vassals with the power to add Parcels and Buildings. The new system will let Guilds transform their EK into a staging ground for fights or even a merchant market thanks to the addition of vendor stalls in the last milestone update.

Update 5.6 is introducing the new Morning map, which is the first iteration of the game’s procedural generation system that assigns resource nodes to the game. The new map also features new visual effects to make resource nodes stand out.

5.6 is also adding the Fae and male Wood Elf and High Elf races, adjusting the way Skills are unlocked, and introducing advanced enemy AI to make fights more challenging. A video breaking down all that’s new in this update can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

That is a whole lot of new stuff for the game’s Live build indeed! Month by month, Crowfall begins to look more and more like a complete MMO experience in its pre-alpha stages than most crowdfunded titles do. We’re eager to hop in and see how these new systems feel.

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