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Crowfall Using Unity 5 Engine

A little over a week after launching their Kickstarter the folks over at ArtCraft well surpassed their original goal of $800,000USD. With 20 days remaining, over a $1,000,000USD has been raised for the project. Coinciding with the huge mile-marker the team has released a technical update on their kickstarter page. Crowfall will make use of the Unity 5 engine. The development team has stated some of the main reasoning behind using the Unity 5 engine include its extension system and its ability to quickly create assets for updates.

The new post gives us some insight in to the engine and other technologies that will be utilized in Crowfall. Often times articles like these can be a bit dry and boring but ArtCraft has managed to make an engaging and interesting post that is well worth your time.


From ArtCraft:

From it’s inception Crowfall has been a different kind of game that has very unique requirements. Fortunately, Unity has a well architected extension system – both as editor and runtime managed code as well as a native plugin architecture. This has enabled us to make significant modifications to subsystems that would otherwise be considered “under the hood” of most engines, and bring in our own or additional technology (like the beloved VoxelFarm!) not to mention the massive collection of libraries opened up to us in the .NET ecosystem.

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