Crowfall’s March Q&A Talks Crafting, Spawn Camping, and Walls

It’s another month and for fans of Crowfall that means it’s time for yet another round of answers from the devs in video form. The Crowfall March Q&A video features community questions that range from crafting enhancements to being ganked for simply logging in to the frustration of walls.

As per usual, the monthly video brought up several things the devs are going to be working on, including further enhancements to several of the game’s crafting professions.

Alchemy and Cooking were given specific attention, mentioning that patch 5.5 will see Alchemists become more worthwhile once the features of the Crypt system arrive and crafting vessels bears more weight. Professions like Cooking will soon get new features as well, like meals that offer stat boosts and other benefits. Durable leather drops are also due to arrive to the game shortly for the Leatherworkers out there.

All in all, the devs mentioned that the game’s Test server will slowly become more of an actual environment to test things out and less of a way for players to take a sneak peek at what’s to come in the game, while the Live server will have tested features built in to any Campaign.

The video also goes on to discuss a system to mitigate people logging in and immediately being killed by Keep campers, plans for new visuals for some of the game’s weapons, and a bug with building walls that caused players some consternation among other topics. The full Q&A video can be watched below.

Our Thoughts

Yay for more crafting depth! Also yay for not broken building walls! It’s another informative and enlightening piece of Q&A content from the Crowfall devs, so we’ll just have to wait and see when this new 5.5 update arrives to the in-development game.

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