Crypts are Crowfall’s Answer to Alts

Call it overthinking, call it clever worldbuilding, or just call it a bit of an adjustment. In either case, Crowfall Crypts are the topic of a recent dev blog co-written by J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair, discussing how the team approaches the admittedly odd narrative explanation for alt characters.

crowfall crypts

Just in case you’re not familiar with the wider lore of Crowfall, let’s review: the world of the game pits champions of the gods to fight each other. In spirit form, these champions take on the form of crows and possess vessels in order to carry out their battles. This, of course, led to the introduction of vessel crafting via Necromancy.

The concept ended up being polarizing, with some digging on the narrative explanation and others being a bit weirded out by the idea of possessing a dead body like a suit of power armor. To that end, Crypts have been created that let players swap out from one body to the next if they so choose, while those who would rather keep to one character will be granted that option as well.

For those who want to change characters, Crypts will replace the current interactable found at a Temple. Like other points of interest, Crypts will have to be discovered out in the open world. There will be a maximum of six character slots for most players, unless you’re a Kickstarter backer of Silver tier or higher, though additional character slots will be on offer in the in-game store if you missed out.

Players who want to switch characters can bring a crafted vessel to a Crypt, then create their new avatar right then and there to fill an empty character slot, or can otherwise switch to a different character that’s already been made. However, players will need to consider Campaign restrictions in place such as level or racial prerequisites when swapping or creating characters.

As for those who want to maintain one character throughout, tech is being worked on that will let players walk from one World to the next, bringing their items and equipment with them provided they don’t break any embargo rules of your origin or destination.

Our Thoughts

We’re very curious to learn exactly how this will all tie everything together, especially as it relates to moving one character from World to World. We’re also curious as to whether or not this new Crypt system will somehow see the Necromancy profession and the crafting of vessels take a hit from demand. Presumably, these are questions the devs are considering so we’ll have to just wait and see in the meantime.

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