A Cube is Slowly Rolling Across the Fortnite Battle Royale Map

Weird stuff is going down in Fortnite Battle Royale, and in a game where there’s missile surfing, sky cracks and Thanos occasionally rampaging, that’s saying something. The latest bit of odd: a Fortnite cube that is rolling along the battlefield completely under its own power.

fortnite cube

The giant, purple, grumbling cube just appeared on the map without any warning and now is beginning to lumber its way to an unknown destination. According to the sourced report, it appeared to be making a straight run to Salty Springs but has since turned a bit, heading in the general direction of Dusty Divot.

Initially, the cube was presumed to be rumbling along one time a day, but it has since sped up making its way along every hour and 43 minutes. Presumably, it will get to wherever it’s going by the time the shooter’s next season kicks off.

In other Fortnite BR news, an August state of development post has outlined a number of tweaks including weapon balance, building adjustments, performance and a whole lot more. The complete breakdown can be read here and a short video showing the cube in motion is below.

Our Thoughts

…what…the…heck? We can’t even begin to guess just what sort of things this grumbling purple cube portends. All we can really think of is how awesome it’d be if Epic Games applied these same random events in an proper MMORPG. Imagine logging in to see a cube just…sitting there in the game world.

Sources: Forbes, official site

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