The Culling

The Culling is Shutting Down After Rough Year

You may recall that about halfway through last year The Culling 2 was released as a Battle Royale game and fans of the original weren’t too pleased. At the time Xaviant decided to refocus their attention on The Culling, but it seems that the damage was already done. Now, after months of struggling to stay afloat, The Culling is shutting down.

The Culling

The Culling

For anyone who has been watching gaming news, this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Culling had a lot of success in its small corner of gaming but instead of focusing on making improvements to The Culling, releasing DLC and such as you would expect, the studio launched straight into making the sequel. A sequel that wasn’t in the same genre as the first and instead chased the current Battle Royale trend. This was seen by many loyal fans as a cash grab and put them off the studio entirely.

Xaviant only tried to rectify the mistake a few weeks after The Culling 2 launched. At that point, they decided to shut down The Culling 2 and go back to The Culling which they would rename The Culling Origins and make free to play.

Sadly it seems that the effort was too little, too late. Despite the game being free to play the game has spent every month this year with an average concurrent player number under 100 players. They had hoped that making it free to play would save the game and they would be able to rely on sales from the in-game store to keep the game afloat. This didn’t go according to plan and so The Culling is shutting down May 15th.

The fact that there were no new development updates between October 2018 and the announcement of the shut down really goes to show that this has been coming for some time. The shutdown announcement says that even with thousands of players they weren’t able to generate the revenue needed to keep the game going.

But, there is the potential for salvation for the game. It would appear that Xaviant is willing to explore the option of another studio taking on the game if anyone is interested.

It’s a sad way to see this story end and hopefully, Xaviant will land on their feet soon.


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