Dark vs. Light Expands in SWTOR Galactic Command

One of the features arriving to the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion is Galactic Command, and a recent official blog post has offered some details on how the new end game system will work.


Galactic Command is an expansion of the game’s earlier Dark vs. Light event as well as a means for individual character growth, with player alignment having a direct affect on the wider galaxy of The Old Republic. Players will get to choose their alignment to either Dark Side or Light Side at the start of the game. Once a side is chosen, activities such as killing enemies, story choices and completing Missions will earn that character Dark or Light Points.

As players continue to earn these Points, they add up to a server’s global Dark or Light Side Galactic Alignment, with each side having a maximum of five ranks. When one side hits Rank 5, the server enters a “victory state”. During this state, the winning side gets access to a special vendor and increased rewards, while the losing side gets a bonus to alignment point earnings and battles against spawns from the opposing side for extra rewards.

Once the victory state is over, the battle resets and the tug of war begins again, only this time the losing side will receive a short-term advantage to point earnings in order to give them a fighting chance.

More information on Galactic Command can be read on the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

The concept of Dark vs. Light in Galactic Command sounds very interesting on paper, but we do have some concerns about how Galactic Command will make individual character advancement work. Granting lockboxes by leveling up a Command Rank sounds like a lengthy grind to us, especially if the items in question are randomly generated. We’re going to have to wait and see how this one operates.

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the Galactic Command system? Do you think that the Dark vs. Light aspect will engage players? Do you think the Command Rank system is faulted or enticing? Tell us your thoughts below.

Source: official site

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