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Datamining of World of Warcraft 7.3 Reveals Potential Expansion Location

World of Warcraft patch 7.3 has been on the PTR for a little while now, and as is often the case, dataminers have started their work plumbing the depths of code to see if there are any new revelations for what’s next. Turns out there is something potentially big in the recent patch. To that point, if you don’t want to see any spoilers, you’re advised to turn around now.

As further protection against spoilers, here is a picture of a very cute puppy. Scroll down at your peril.

world of warcraft patch 7.3

For those who have read on; the latest PTR build has a variety of new voice lines for several characters, as well as textures, icons, and names for a new set of quest gear. The armor in question is referred to as the Kul Tiras Quest Armor. The armor textures also appear to have a map to Kul Tiras on its side, further lending credence to the idea that players will see Kul Tiras soon, potentially as the setting for the game’s next expansion.

It should be noted that the assumptions in question are merely that: assumptions. Data for the region itself is yet to be unearthed, and all of the found information could simply be a red herring. However, it’s also possible that this leads to something as “simple” as a new Chromie quest or as large as the next World of Warcraft content patch or expansion.

You can peruse the found data and come to your own conclusions over on Wowhead.

Our Thoughts

These are some pretty intriguing finds, though it’s still hard to say whether this is leading to anything grander than a possible sidequest. What do you make of this new information? Do you think this is leading to something big for World of Warcraft, or is this just a smokescreen?

Source: Wowhead via Massively Overpowered

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