Dauntless Unveils Plans for Sharpen Your Skills Adjustments

While there’s certainly an argument for beta being the new shorthand for “release product that gets updates”, the Dauntless closed beta is indeed an in-development product. Case in point: a recently posted list of Sharpen Your Skills adjustments that are due for the online multiplayer monster killer.

sharpen your skills adjustments

The devs took to the game’s subreddit to outline what’s going to get tweaked in terms of the game’s current systems. On the crafting side of things, materials for potions and Archonite needed to craft new armors will see an increased drop rate. Archonite rewards will also be increased for completing patrols.

On the Behemoth killing side of things, the devs plan to improve part break drops and relevant systems for early Behemoths while tuning down the damage output of some of the later Behemoths to prevent progression roadblocks. Finally, work is being done on improving the rewards for daily hunts and adding more variety to early armor set stats.

While the post did not provide a specific date for any of the planned adjustments, it did state the intention to bring them to the closed beta Soon™ and to release a more detailed changelist when the time comes.

Our Thoughts

The new update has brought a lot to Dauntless, but it also does, admittedly, lack in other areas so we’re happy to see that the devs are aware of what needs to be changed. We’re definitely looking forward to learning more about when these adjustments will come to the beta.

Source: Dauntless subreddit

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