The Dawning is Returning to Destiny 2

Players of Destiny were expecting a lot of things to come back for the game’s sequel: raids, Faction Rallies, confounding decisions regarding endgame and expansions. We can now add The Dawning holiday event to the list as details and dates for its return to Destiny 2 have been announced.

the dawning holiday event

Both the Tower and the Farm social hubs will have their halls decked out in holiday cheer, letting players get into snowball fights in both spaces or even chuck a snowball at enemies in Strikes to stun them. The Crucible will also be offering a present for PvP’ers in the form of the Mayhem modifier, which recharges Supers and standard abilities at an increased rate and ramps up point values.

Players can also take part in weekly Dawning Milestones to get a Dawning Engram full of seasonal goodies such as ships, Ghost shells, legendary armors, and emotes. The Eververse will also offer a rotating stock of these items for purchase with Bright Dust.

This year also brings a Dawning Gift Schematic that tasks players with collecting items to create a gift for vendors or agents in the game. Successfully creating a gift and handing it to the appropriate NPC will see you rewarded with a gift in return. Gift Schematic quests can be done daily.

The Dawning will run from Tuesday, December 19th until Tuesday, January 9th.

Our Thoughts

The Dawning event sounds like a pretty fun and generally active one for Destiny 2 and we’re always ready for more winter events in MMOs. Here’s hoping that this event’s rewards are intriguing for Destiny 2 fans.

Source: Bungie website

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