DC Universe Online: New Patch Causes Server Downtime

The newest patch for DC Universe Online (DCU) has caused the server to shut down for maintenance. The shutdown started at 5AM PST and will last for almost 8 hours.

DC Universe Online

New Patch Causes Downtime

The newest DCU patch is a welcome one–introducing Item Flag, Item Restore, Character Restore, and various quality of life improvements. Given its size, the DCU development team has decided to close servers as they implement the update.

DCU Patch Notes

According to a recent blog post, the newest regular update will include Item Flag, Item Restore, and Character Restore.

Item Flag

Players can now flag items in their inventory. From the blog post:

Players can now flag items in their inventory to protect them from accidental salvage, deletion, or sale! Located in the inventory UI, you will see a new option to flag an item as important. For PC players, drag any item into the field marked with the asterisk, and you will see the item become marked with an asterisk in the upper left-hand corner of the item’s icon. On Playstation, navigate to an item in your inventory, and press down on the L3 button to toggle the same flag on and off.

Flagged items are now important items, meaning they will not appear as “for sale” in vendor lists, they will be absent from salvage lists, they can no longer be sold on the broker, they will not appear on the League Donation UI, they cannot be traded, and they cannot be deleted without a prompt.

Item Restore

Alongside flagged items, players can not restore deleted items. From the blog post:

Now players will have the opportunity to restore deleted items to their inventory. For PC players, the old trash can icon in the inventory screen has been replaced with a new green one. The trash can still functions as it did before, but now clicking on this button will allow players to see the last 20 items deleted from that character. On PlayStation, navigate to an open inventory slot and press the Triangle button to access the Item Restore list. Choose an item from the list and simply hit the Square button to restore! Item Restore is 100 Daybreak Cash/Marketplace Cash per item and Members receive one free Item Restore Voucher a month per account.

Character Restore

Players can also recover destroyed characters. From the blog:

A new option is available at Character Select that will allow you to restore a character that was deleted within the last 90 days. You must have an available character slot and must not have any inactive characters in order to restore. Note that you will be required to re-submit the character name, and the old name may have been taken by other players. Restoring a character is 1500 Daybreak Cash/Marketplace Cash per character restored.

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