Death Brings The End : The Flock

There’s a new gimmick in town. Have you ever wanted to play a game where every defeat will make it harder to ever play again?

The Flock is a self described asymmetrical multiplayer thriller. You get to play as one of the agile hunters that make up the Flock, but the members of this race are numbered. Each time one dies, the counter that all players see will go down. Once it hits zero, no one gets to buy the game any more.

After that only owners of the game get to see the finale before that’s it. The deaths of the Flock bring about the end of that world. No more game.

Gameplay wise you will have five players all seeing to become the Carrier of a light source. Whomever holds it longest, or presumably if all the others die, wins. If light hits the flock, it hurts them unless they freeze and turn to stone. Enter the thriller, the old horror movie aspect. Do you take your eyes, and the light, off of the devil you know? Or do you turn around to see who is sneaking up on you to steal it?

The Flock

All in all it makes for an interesting take on FPS games where stealth and paranoia are the key players. The enforced lifespan also means that assuming the number isn’t huge, people will need to buy in and learn fast if they are ever to get a taste of the game. Every death will bring it that much closer to closure. We’ll see if that causes unprecedented co-operation or the assumed zerg rush as people throw themselves on a pyre to burn the world down.

Expect The Flock to land later this year.

Source: Official Site

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