Dekaron Announces the First Winter Guild Championship 2010

Dekaron Announces the First Winter Guild Championship 2010

Seoul, Korea, February 1, 2010 —œ Game-Hi, a developer and

publisher behind the popular shooter game Sudden Attack, announced today its first Winter Guild Championship 2010 (WGC 2010) for Dekaron. WGC 2010 kicks off today, February

1st after the 20-day long registration period. The Guild Selection and tournament schedule was announced on January 25th based on level of guild members and guild points.

Total of 26 guilds, 16 from Hellion and Siz as well as 10 from the newly added Rondow server, participate in the tournament. All guilds will receive a prize

including time-limited in-game items. A winner of the tournament will receive a ‘Strongest Guild Mark’ as well as rare in-game items.

The tournament will be

on Party Combat System, a proprietary PVP system, and six players will fight together with all different characters and classes.

The tournament can be reviewed

via VOD service along with an interview with famous guilds.

For more information on WGC 2010, visit Dekaron website


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