Destiny 2 Breakthrough Mode Detailed

The day destroys the night, night divides the day, but in the upcoming Destiny 2 Breakthrough mode, players will be trying to break on through to a win instead of a presumed higher form of consciousness. Unless, of course, PvP wins do that for you. No judgement.

destiny 2 breakthrough mode

Launching this coming Tuesday, September 25th, the new Crucible mode tasks teams of players with securing a central zone. Once a team has done that, they’ll deploy a Breaker. From there, the Breaker must survive long enough to crack the opposing team’s Vault.

Control of the central zone promises to be a tug-of-war affair with time playing a factor – if your team’s Breaker doesn’t crack the opposition’s Vault, you lose. If the Breaker is in the process of Vault hacking as time runs out, the match enters sudden death. First to three rounds wins the match.

The Bungie weekly blog post has also offered a few other details like a recounting of the Last Wish raid clear; confirmation that a fix for the Edge Transit grenade launcher’s drop rate is in the works; and a few other nods to hotfixes and the community. It’s all outlined here.

Our Thoughts

So, a zone control PvP mode. Not exactly a mind-bending bit of gameplay, but having to only worry about a central point instead of several could make for some pretty intense PvP matches. Now that Power levels have impact in the Crucible, it will be interesting to see just how this mode fares.

Source: Bungie website

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