Destiny 2: Forsaken to Include Osiris and Warmind

Bungie has decided to perhaps make the purchase of its latest DLC a little more enticing. Starting next week, a Destiny 2: Forsaken DLC purchase will also get you Curse of Osiris and Warmind at no additional cost and without having to buy a special bundle.

destiny 2: forsaken dlc

According to the weekly post from Bungie, the decision to tie all DLC together with Forsaken was meant to make it less complicated for new arrivals to start their Destiny 2 lives. “Our hope is that this will eliminate some of the questions that confront a player as they try to join our party,” explains the announcement

This change to the Forsaken DLC will be effective starting on Tuesday, October 16th. For those who bought Forsaken before that point, you’ll be rewarded with a bundle that packs in a unique emblem, shader, two Exotic emotes and a bunch of consumables. The shader and emblem will be unique to this bundle, while the emotes will come to Eververse at a later date. This thank-you bundle will arrive at some time in December.

“When the new Guardians arrive, please join us in extending to them the welcome that has made this community so notorious as an awesome group of people,” closes the announcement.

Our Thoughts

Considering how inextricably connected new DLC is to playing Destiny 2 with others, this certainly is a smart move. We’re just curious whether the goodies bundle is enough recompense for those who bought Forsaken before the 16th. Personally speaking, it’ll be nice to see more new arrivals come to the game, because MMOs and multiplayer games are always better with more people.

Source: Bungie website

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