Destiny 2’s First Content Expansion is Curse of Osiris

This is probably a case of the cat leaping clean out of the bag, but we’ve all gotten early word about the first Destiny 2 content expansion. The Curse of Osiris will be the first part of the game’s two-part “expansion” release according to a store listing.

curse of osiris

As one would perhaps expect from what is likely an accidental release, details are sparse on what Curse of Osiris offers. According to bullet points from the Xbox Store, the new expansion will send players to the Infinite Forest of Mercury, along with new story missions focused around the Warlock Ikora, new themed weapons and gear, and new co-op and competitive activities.

The posting does not offer a release date or a price for the individual expansion, with the Xbox Store directing to bundles like the Deluxe Edition or the Expansion Pass and the PlayStation Store not even having a listing for the content.

Our Thoughts

Well, it was bound to come out sooner or later. Looks like it’s just sooner! There’s already a few players who are likely hitting the current level cap of 20 and making their way towards the game’s endgame releases, so we’re sure those kinds of players are eager to see where the story and gameplay goes.

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