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Destiny Introduces the Crucible Preview Event

If you’re not a fan of buying expansions without knowing what exactly you can expect of it, Bungie has come with the solution for you. From September 8th, 2015 to September 14th, 2015, you’ll be able to get an early taste of new modes Rift an Mayhem without having to buy the Taken King expansion for yourself via the Crucible Preview Event. You’ll also be able to play on the eight new maps. Bungie announced all of this in their latest Bungie Weekly Update.

The Crucible Preview Event introduces people to the upcoming, major game expansion. It’s worth telling you that during the preview event you won’t be able to use the new Super abilities, though. You’ll be able to unlock your new subclass when you visit your class Vanguard in the Taken King. The new PvP maps and game modes will be reserved for those who buy the expansion when the Taken King launches on September 15th. Below is a video introduction of the event:

At the same time, Destiny’s big update 2.0 goes live on September 8th.Players will have one more weekend to experience Destiny as it was in Year One. Even though the patch notes aren’t available just yet, but we’ll definitely update this post as soon as those come out!

For now, have fun experiencing the Crucible Preview Event!

Source: Eurogamer

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