More Details Released on Neverwinter’s 3rd Module

Last week we announced that Neverwinter’s third module had been teased on various sites. Well today more information about Curse of Icewind Dale has been announced! The module will recreate the iconic Icewind Dale region, including Caer-Konig a small fishing town, Icewind Pass, and Dwarven Valley. In addition find Kessell’s retreat high within Kelvin’s Cairn.

A new resource is being introduced called Black Ice. To use it players will have to start working on a completely new profession. And of course there will be Black Ice gear which will have unique properties that allow limited time stat bonuses.

The module will also be when all the PvP leaderboards and matchmaking will come in. As well, the first ever PvP campaign will be introduced. It will have daily quests to kill players or gather resources in dangerous PvP areas.


There will be new enemies to fight from yeti to the corrupt Hamerstone Clan of Dwarves. Mercenary Contracts with two new factions that serve as the basis for the conflict in Icewind Dale.

Other things expected in the new module include a new Paragon Path for Hunter Rangers called the Pathfinder, item changes to make progression more fun, and post level 60 advancement.

Sadly there is still no word on when the module will be released, but more information will be coming detailing everything happening in the coming weeks.

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