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Developer Appreciation Week

Did you know it’s Developer Appreciation Week? What is that? I hear you ask. Well, starting Saturday March 28th and running until Saturday April 4th, Rowan Blaze invites bloggers to put down their pitchforks for just a few days and say something positive about the gaming industry that deep down we all love.

Developer Appreciation Week - - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

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The blogging event began in 2010, the brainchild of a blogger named Scarybooster, with the intention to simply shed a little more positive light on the gaming industry and appreciate the game developers and dev teams that have done a lot of good for the MMO genre, one way or another. It is pretty much a great big group hug between MMO fans and the game developers who are so often privy to more abuse than pats on the back and we think it is a wonderful thing. In the words of Rowan:

“I don’t think anything like that has been organized this year, so you know what? I am declaring this coming week to be DEVELOPER APPRECIATION WEEK. If you’re a blogger reading this, I encourage you to spend at least one post between tomorrow, 28 March, and next Saturday, 4 April, expressing your appreciation for those hard working people that make your life a little more enjoyable creating the games you play. And spread the word about DAW, because you reach people that I do not. If you do such a post, please send me the link either in the comments below or on Twitter.”

Of course, Developer Appreciation Week doesn’t just have to be a blogger thing. You can hop on to your social media of choice and have your say. The more positivity going around, the better. After all, without game developers, we wouldn’t have these awesome worlds to dive into and talk about.


Source: I Have Touched the Sky blog

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