Devilian Closed Beta Test 3 Begins on November 12

The next chance players will have to get their hands on Trion’s upcoming action RPG Devilian will be on Thursday, November 12.

The third closed beta event for Devilian will take place from November 12 to 16 and will also include the French and German localizations for the game. Players who want a guaranteed spot in the beta, and every future event, can still purchase an early access founder’s pack. In addition to gaining access to all future beta tests, founders will also receive a Corgi pet, additional inventory slots, and a 2-day head start when the game officially launches.

Devilian combines some of the best aspects of MMORPGs and action RPGS to create a living world with fast-paced, over-the-top combat. It includes enough interesting quest chains, world bosses, arena PvP, and hardcore dungeons to satisfy any adventurer.

Our Thoughts:

After getting some hands-on time with Devilian, the game definitely satisfies the urge to smash things. If you’re interested in trying out Devilian be sure to keep an eye out for beta giveaways in the near future and sign up on the Devilian website. Each previous beta test has had a number of giveaways, and this third event isn’t likely to be any different.

Source: Trion

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