Devilian Receives Tempest Class and New Dungeons

The Fury of the Tempest update is now live for Devilian, which features the Tempest class and multiple new dungeons.


The Tempest class is a highly mobile, short-ranged warrior that can transform her weapons into daggers or a twin-bladed glaive. While wielding daggers the Tempest has increased movement and attack speed, but transforming her blades into the massive glaive will provide a boost to defense and block a portion of incoming damage. The three different talent trees for the Tempest focus on area-of-effect damage, tanking, and dueling.

  • Slaughter – This skill tree offers a variety of area of effect buffs and enemy debuffs to add more power up your party.
  • Lancer – Geared toward the Glaive, this skill tree is more effective when you have activated the Tempest’s Form Change skill.
  • Interceptor – Offering a variety rapid blade attacks with a variety of ranges, this skill tree is best used to take on small groups or unfortunate individuals.

In addition to an entirely new class, the character level cap has been raised to 54 and the Devilian level cap increased to 30. With these increased levels also comes new dungeons and gear.

  • Rally your raid party for a new 9-man Raid Dungeon and take down Denikhalis, the level 54 Raid Dungeon Boss.
  • Face two new level 54 Archdevil Dungeons: Severam Fortress and the Bottomless Pit
  • Tackle four new level 53 Heroic and Hell Dungeons with new tactics:
    • Elemental Prison – Kamaitan awaits you in this prison of ice.
    • Forgotten Prison –Face the fire of Tiamat in this hellish prison.
    • Dark Temple – Kyliton guards this once sacred temple with lighting.
    • Defiled Tomb – Poison is precious to Helligon, the guardian of this tomb.
  • Lay claim to the level 53 Stormfront Invasion Site with the newest addition to the Infinite Hunting Grounds.

Our thoughts:

The nature of the action RPG genre requires consistent updates with new forms of content and classes in order to stay relevant. Blizzard has learned this with the fast turnaround for Diablo 3 updates, and Trion appears to be on the right track with a new class already and the implementation of raid dungeons.

Source: Trion

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