Devilish Devilian Delivers Devil Form

You are the last vanguard of Nala, a half-devil hero fighting to save your world from a fallen god.

With that cheerful thought in mind, there’s some new things to pour over on Devilian. The official blog has taken us through two dark delights. I’ll stop before there’s an alliterative explosion or the editor hurts me.


The first is a spotlight on the Devil Form. This is something you can unleash when you choose in PvE and is always on in PvP. Defeating Devils will give you the power needed to both enter the form and to level it up.

Now that you have a reason to go out and slaughter evil in the name of good, why not try the Shadowhunter? For anyone who wasn’t quite feeling the vibe yet in Devilian, the Shadowhunter weilds a whip and shuriken as well as the shadows themselves. Who doesn’t want to be a dark using half devil whip ninja? All joking aside that does sound like quite the fun class to play if you are someone who likes ambushing the unworthy and unwitting.

Trion Worlds posted a livestream with the devs where they showed off the pre-alpha build and demonstrated the devil form transformation for people. Give it a whirl.

Source: MassivelyOP/Official Site

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