Devs Compromise on World of Warcraft Camera Zoom Complaints

The ongoing forum war surrounding the World of Warcraft camera zoom issue has reached a compromise according to a developer’s forum post.


A post by Watcher on the Blizzard forums has discussed the matter of the game’s max camera zoom, which was being used by many players to offer an advantage in content according to the developer. Watcher also detailed the original design goals surrounding the maximum zoom limit. In the end, the team have decided to introduce a hotfix which will bring a raised hard cap between the maximum zoom offered in 7.0 and the current zoom in 7.0.3 through a console command if players wish.

According to Watcher, the reasons for this change is primarily to combat visual discomfort stating that the team have no time to fix the underlying causes for player motion problems due to Legion’s impending launch. “Reapplying the band-aid is preferable to leaving an open wound,” states the post.

Our Thoughts

Whether this is primarily to help players who suffer from visual discomfort or to appease the players who used max zoom for a gaming advantage is moot; this is a fair compromise that manages to retain the game’s visual details while still giving players a way to take in a broader field of view for whatever reasons they may wish to. Kudos to Blizzard for the change.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about this adjustment to the max zoom? Do you feel this is a fair halfway point, or do you think that the zoom distance should be increased further? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Official forums

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