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Devs Explain Upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Rank Removal

The major change that Elder Scrolls Online players were looking forward to is almost here! The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Rank removal is arriving with the Dark Brotherhood update and is meant to streamline the leveling process, making it easier for players to spread their Champion Points to alts.

With the impending arrival of this important update, the development team explained in more detail how the changes would be implemented and how players would be affected.

elder scrolls online veteran ranks removal

With the Veteran Ranks being removed, characters’ progression beyond level 50 will be measured only through Champion Points. Players who already had Veteran levels will see their Veteran Rank converted to Champion Points according to the following formula: one Veteran Rank corresponds to 10 Champion Points. The Champion Points are shared across a player’s account, which will make alts’ progression much easier for everyone.

Gear will remain unchanged stat-wise. The gear is currently capped at 160 Champion Points, but this cap will be raised in the future. It is also worth noting that the gear level will be rounded to the nearest ten. Players will not lose their equipped gear if it is of a higher Veteran Rank than Champion Points owned, and crafted Veteran Rank gear will also be converted to its new equivalent.

Some more good news is that Champion Points will be gained much faster than Veteran Ranks due to Enlightenment, which causes players to gain XP 300% faster, and Champion Point cost scaling, which ensures that it takes less XP to earn Champion Points at low Champion levels. Players will essentially be able to progress and obtain higher-level gear faster than under the Veteran Rank system.

In order to make the leveling journey more exciting, it was decided that the extra 16 attribute and 16 stat points previously gained from Veteran Ranks would be spread across the level 1-50 point gains. There will be an extra attribute and stat point awarded every 5 levels, and 2 extra points every 10 levels.

Last but not least, players with Veteran Rank characters will be granted a one-time bonus in the form of 2.5 Champion Points per Veteran Rank on the highest level character. This bonus will reward players’ investment in earning Veteran Ranks.

If you don’t have a Veteran Rank 16 character yet, there’s still a bit of time left to maximize the upcoming bonus! The Dark Brotherhood base-game patch will be launched on PC/Mac on May 31 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 14.

Our Thoughts:

The removal of Veteran Ranks has been met with mixed reactions from players. Some defend the amount of work it takes to max a character and the value of the overall journey since leveling is not supposed to be a walk in the park. But most seem to welcome the change to the Champion Points system as it will make the end-level activities easier and more accessible, especially for alts. We think that this change will make ESO feel more welcoming for new players, which is definitely positive, and hope that Veteran players are adequately compensated by the bonus currently planned.

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