Diablo 3 Tweaks Class Sets, Legendaries, and Skills in Latest Patch

It’s patch day for Diablo 3! More specifically, it’s Diablo 3 patch 2.6.1, which brings a huge laundry list of adjustments to class skills, class gear sets, and Legendary items. So get comfortable; there’s a lot to cover.

diablo 3 patch 2.6.1

Starting with classes in the game, adjustments appear to lean more towards the “buff” side of the spectrum, with Barbarian, Monk, Crusader, Witch Doctor, Wizard, and Necromancer all seeing some manner of tweak to their abilities.

The bigger tweaks in this patch appear to be fixed on Legendary items and class sets for the game, with the patch notes preamble stating the intention of bringing “as many gameplay styles as close in line to each other as possible”. The chance to see Legendary and Set items drop has increased for many pieces, while Sets like Barbarian’s Immortal King’s Call and Demon Hunter’s Embodiment of the Marauder are seeing immense gains in complete set bonuses.

The patch is currently live to all players. Pull up your favorite patch notes reading beverage and take a look for yourself on the official site.

Our Thoughts

A lot of those set bonuses are hitting huge percentage gains, which means finding a class set (or already using one) should feel that much more rewarding and empowering. Has one of your character sets seen a buff as a result of this patch?

Source: official site

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