Diablo: Reign of Terror Teased by Blizzard Gear Store

Cat out of the bag? Another clever bit of marketing like the Diablo light switch teaser? Complete and utter mistake? In any case, fans are intrigued by a new Diablo: Reign of Terror teaser posted on – of all places – Blizzard’s own storefront.

diablo: reign of terror teaser

The BlizzCon section of the Blizzard Gear merch store has a number of exclusive items for Virtual Ticket holders, which is pretty par for the course. What’s new is that there are a number of new items – t-shirts and a poster specifically – that bear Diablo: Reign of Terror branding.

This new game shovels more coal into the Diablo 4 rumor engine, with other speculation spawned by job listings made by Blizzard over the past couple of years.

With three weeks to go before the start of BlizzCon and Diablo getting first billing during the opening keynotes, something entirely new set in the Diablo universe is looking even more likely than ever. Of course, what sort of new thing is up to the imagination.

Our Thoughts

if you hear what sounds like the rumbling of thousands of hooves, that’s the speculation running rampant. “Reign of Terror” doesn’t give us a huge clue, but the mind most definitely wanders. What kind of new Diablo thing would you want to see?

Source: Blizzard Gear Store via ResetEra

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