Die in One Life, Never Play Again

There’s a new multiplayer survival game on Steam Greenlight and it takes YOLO to a whole new level (yes, I just said YOLO). Not only does it have perma-perma death, as in your Steam account gets banned once you die, you also get to pee on people and make them your slaves if you grant them mercy! This is the game for those of you who want to embrace their inner psychopath.

One Life


You Only Live Once

Let’s first cover the concept of the most permanent death out of any survival game. If you die, you will leave the game forever. The “play” button in your launcher will go gray, and you’ll only be able to stare at it and remember the great and/or horrific times you had in One Life. The following description can be found on the game’s Steam Greenlight page:

“If you die in this game, you can never play again. Every move you make can be your last one. Enemy bullet, Infected’s bite, starvation, friend’s betrayal – danger lurks around every corner. Are you ready to face the most intense and authentic experience in your life?”

One Life 2

Yikes, death is just everywhere in this game and you can’t really trust anyone. But you sort of have to at the same time, as you will have to find food and water and deal with other natural needs. Perhaps nature itself is your biggest enemy, so making SOME friends might actually be beneficial to you in the long run. So don’t go around shooting everyone instantly, okay?


Embrace Your Inner Grim Reaper

When you do decide to go on a rampage and shoot people left and right, your enemy won’t instantly die. You get to decide the fate of those you cripple. You can choose to forgive them for perhaps initiating first, humiliate them by peeing on them(!), finish them off, take everything they have – it’s all your choice! You can even take the people you spare captive and make them work off. Obviously, they’ll do everything to be free again. One Life grants players with a feeling of power like no other game out there.


Where’d My Money Go?

Of course, it’s kind of rude to just take people’s money and watch them die in about 10 seconds. Yes, it is a great way to make a quick buck, but it’ll leave your customers in an angry state. The game’s developers are aware of this fact and they claim that players will have a lot of control over where and how you start the game. Beyond that, they advise you to find friends and play conservatively. Oh, and watch your back.

One Life 4

Is it truly a one-time deal though? Players can just create entirely new Steam accounts to play the game again. This can, of course, not be stopped, but the developers hope that the players’ honor keeps the game authentic. “Creating another account won’t be the easiest thing as the players will feel the loss of the character and the ability to play One Life again on the emotional level,” they said.

Are you going to try out One Life? I’m surely going to see what it has to offer, though I’ve not yet decided my game strategy. I sure see a lot of refunds happening in the near future for this game, but that won’t make it less thrilling and fun! To get a better impression of what One Life has to offer, you can should watch the game’s trailer below:

Source: Kotaku

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