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Distortions Will Be Skyforge’s Challenging Endgame PvE Content

Looking forward to Skyforge but not sure what you’ll be doing for the long-term? We’re happy to tell you a little about Skyforge’s end game PvE content today — Distortions, which teams of players will take on to earn epic weapons and other rewards.

“Even after becoming gods, those who protect Aelion still have a strong desire to continue growing their powers. Once you’ve unlocked your divine form and have reached this new celestial milestone of power, you will find yourself poised to take part in some of the most intense and heated battles yet. One if these challenges comes in the form of special battles called Distortions.”

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So Distortions seem to be Skyforge’s answer to raid content and they are executed in a fairly interesting way. Certain concentrations of enemies in secluded corners of the planet cause distortions in space which are detected by a special analyzer which marks spatial distortions on the tactical globe within the Divine Observatory, whereby a group of 10 gods can teleport to the fun. PantheonsSkyforge’s guilds — will need to find one of these devices so as to be able to seek out these distortions and attack. You will be able to improve the analyzer, allowing Pantheons to take part if Distortion assaults and send multiple groups of players to different Distortions simultaneously, allowing you to vie for your place at the top of the leaderboards and take on the most challenging content within the game.

Within the Distortions themselves, players will fight four powerful opponents one after another face-to-face in an arena, and once defeating these, will be able to move forward and assault even tougher enemy camps utilizing the powers of Nature itself, or perhaps even the latest technology to unleash powerful magic. Once players enter the camps and the fight starts, they get just 15 minutes to defeat the creatures found in Distortions — so don’t expect to be able to stand around explaining tactics, assigning rotations and making attempts. You will need to think on your feet and work as a team. These Distortions are designed to be a challenge and they sound like they could be a lot of fun if that is your thing.


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