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The Division Clear Sky Challenge Mode Delayed, Movie Announced

Ubisoft’s latest patch for futuristic shooter The Division has been “unsuccessful.” The Division Clear Sky challenge mode, which was part of the attempted patch, has been delayed as a result. The update was intended to introduce the Clear Sky mode as well as a number of fixes for other in-game issues.

The Division Clear Sky Challenge Mode


The patch was to be introduced during this morning’s scheduled server maintenance; however, according to Massive, the developer of The Division, ““Prior to deployment, it has been found that the patch was unsuccessful and has been delayed. As such, today’s maintenance will finish early – approximately 12 PM CEST. This also means that the deployment of the Clear Sky Challenge Mode has been delayed for the time being as well.” Massive gave no indication was given regarding a timeframe for redeployment of the patch; ““We will share more info on when the patch will be deployed and what it contains as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.”

In other news related to The Division, a feature length The Division movie has been announced, and popular actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been confirmed for the starring role. The Division brought in $330 million in sales in its first five days, and Hollywood is after their share of the financial action. No specific information regarding the film, projected release dates, or other possible actors has been yet made available.

Our Thoughts:

Hopefully the patch gets smoothed out and deployed pretty quickly; The Division Clear Sky challenge mode is one people have been looking forward to, and the game has had simply had a kind of rough road so far, between problems, cheaters, and so on. Regardless, it’s a great game, and the movie announcement is icing on the cake; traditionally, Tom Clancy’s films have always done well. We shall see!

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