DOFUS Celebrates Its 10 Years Of Existence

the famous long lasting MMO DOFUS has entered its 10th year of existence as of today, and Ankama Games is organizing a big contest in honor of this occasion. To celebrate the anniversary, the publisher is also launching a program designed to reward the loyalty of its players and they’re including a new game mode, presenting a high challenge for the players.



DOFUS was launched way back in September of 2004, and is one of the few MMORPGs created back then that is still in operation and updated and developed today. They have a total of 2.5 million active players each month, spread over 150 different countries of the world. Not only that, the game has been adopted into different types of media, including comic books, board games, animated TV series, a full-length movie and an upcoming book called DOFUS – Book 1: Julith.

With ten years of existence and so many fans, Ankama had to elaborate a program rewarding its most loyal players. These players will receive veteran rewards, implemented at the end of September. For every year of subscription, the player will receive 5 gifts. No matter how long and how many times the player has interrupted his subscription, they will still be rewarded for their dedication to the game. Some players will receive as many as 50 gifts for their loyalty, such as pets, petmounts, emotes and sets. All of the rewards given can be checked out here.


DOFUS anniversary

Additionally, players have the chance to win items designed specifically for this anniversary via a big contest, taking place from September 11th to October 16th. The contest will put even the most dedicated player to the test.

Furthermore, a new game mode is launched on the Epic Server. On this server, death is PERMANENT, so if your character falls in battle against a monster (not other players), they will have to start over. Also at the end of September, players will also tread upon new Divine Dimension, Xelorium, home of the God who controls time. Upcoming stuff related to the new Dimension, are new quests, dungeons monsters and items!

Lastly, a streaming version of the game is in development and will also be available at the end of September.

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