Dofus Releases New Dungeon

Ankama, The developer of the turn based strategy MMO Dofus, has announced the release of the new dungeon: Kickroach’s Lair. The new dungeon will have players shrink down to a miniature size and engage in a massive adventure.

The tables have turned, the bugs you once squashed under their feet now have the opportunity to the same to you. Players will confront coachloads of insects in this new content release. This new dungeon is optimized for teams of players level 40 and up. It includes 5 new achievements, a new family of monsters, a new set and a new quest. This dungeon is available in Astrub (beginners’ area) and can be accessed by every player, even without subscription.

Dofus is a long running strategy MMO, originally released in France in 2004 and in North America late 2005. Ankama has a great track record releasing new and interesting content over the last decade. The new patch for Dofus should be no exception and is aptly named MikroKrozmos. Patch 2.24 officially launches on October 14th. Additional features planned for the update are a revamped market interface, a new armor set and improved PvP matchmaking. For more information and complete patch notes please visit the official website.

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