Dominate the Battlefield with Blade & Soul’s Destroyer

This week’s Blade & Soul class specific week is all about the giant-axe wielder: The Destroyer. Yes he might look menacing, but he’s also cuddly! He even likes the swing people around in joy… with his axe that is. Maybe he’s not as cuddly as I made you think. Let’s go over what makes this class so unique.

Blade & Soul

The Destroyer is an excellent class for anyone who wants to truly wreak havoc in battle. They are always on the front line, and that’s just how they like it. The Destroyer’s skills focus on keeping an opponent on their heels. Using their intimidating size, the Destroyer can stun, daze, and knock down opponents, making them vulnerable for the class’ signature move: the Grab. The Destroyer can lift and hold their struggling opponents in the air with little effort, allowing for a multitude of finishing moves, either from themselves, or from a combo with a party member.


Destroyer in Play

As a Destroyer, you’re all about dishing out two types of damage: Earth or Shadow. Not all skills will have associated elemental damage, but those that do will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items. Focusing around these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially when you get to the end-game dungeons.

Blade & Soul

The Destroyer prefers the front line when in a party, yet their threat generation is pretty low and he has trouble maintaining the attention of his enemies. The strength and high endurance of the Destroyer provides ample opportunity to provide support. Destroyers can rescue downed allies, protect the more vulnerable from harm, or specialize in removing afflictions from their party. They are also great at setting up group combos, which their fellow team members can take advantage of.

You will not want to face a Destroyer in Arena PvP. A Destroyer can easily escape any attempts to hold them down by simply spinning away. It’s probably because of the ballet background the class has. You can make sure your opponent wastes all cooldowns on their escapes, and then overwhelm them with a variety of stuns and knockdowns. By then, you’ll be able to smack them with your axe a few times, taking advantage of their defenselessness by focusing on critical damage. As a Destroyer, you’ll slam your opponents to Valhalla.

On the official Blade & Soul website, you’ll find a list of combos that you’ll be able to perform as a Destroyer. That’ll certainly prepare you to play the menacing class once the game launches. As will the Blade & Soul Destroyer overview video below, of course!

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