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Dota 2 is Shifting its Update Schedule

How do you like your game updates? Do you prefer them to be semi-infrequent but content-rich, or do you like them to be smaller in size but arrive more often? The reason we ask is because the Dota 2 update schedule is going to be seeing a shift soon, with patches to the MOBA trading volume for frequency.

dota 2 update schedule

According to a tweet from developer IceFrog, Dota 2 will now be seeing smaller updates arrive every two weeks on Thursdays instead of massive patches only twice a year. The changes to these updates will be tried out for the next six months, after which time the devs will re-evaluate things.

In order to let players keep up with changes to Dota 2 without having to set an alarm clock to check the game’s website, a new in-game feature will also be released that lets players know of any recent changes to the heroes they have in their match.

The tweets in question don’t offer any time frame for when this new update schedule will be put into effect, so we’ll just have to assume that they’re due Soon™.

Our Thoughts

When it comes to games like MOBAs, we’re not so sure frequent updates are the best answer, or at least not bi-weekly. The importance of forming a strategy and seeing a meta develop is just too much a part of games like Dota 2, so we’re not quite certain this is a good strategy. That said, we also don’t really know how frequently meta-shaking updates would happen anyway, so it’s just a matter of wait and see.

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