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E3 2019: Dr Disrespect has Been Banned from E3 for Streaming in the Bathroom

In news that will make you ask WTF was he thinking, Dr. Disrespect has been banned from E3 for streaming in the bathroom. Not only has he been banned from E3 his Twitch account has vanished as well. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet if he’s been banned from the platform. Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica Blevins tweeted without context “Doc’s channel got banned.” So while it hasn’t been confirmed, it seems pretty likely this is the case as he quite clearly violated Twitch’s rules. Oh, and he broke California law by live streaming in the bathroom. In California, cameras are illegal in the bathroom as they’re considered an invasion of privacy.

In the live stream, you could quite clearly see men and minors using urinals, completely oblivious to the fact that they’re being recorded. We won’t be linking to that or including any images for obvious reasons. At the time he entered the bathroom 60,000 people were watching his stream. Oh and because the internet the place that the internet is, there are people who don’t think it was a big deal and have started a hashtag in his honor, which again, we won’t be sharing.

Since this all took place yesterday Dr. Disrespect hasn’t been seen online. His twitter account hasn’t had any new activity on it and he hasn’t responded to any media requests. Today is a new day however so it is likely we will hear from him soon. When we do we will update this page with any new information.

For now though, the important things to know are that Dr. Disrespect live-streamed, illegally, in the bathroom at E3. The ESA has confirmed that his access to E3 has been revoked, just as E3 is properly getting started. Finally, his Twitch channel is no longer online and there has been no official word yet from Twitch.


Source: Kotaku, Twitter

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