Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter Beta Now Live

Today marks the beginning of Aeria Games newest MMORPG Dragomon Hunter where players can track down huge monsters and turn them into mounts.

Now that players have live access to the Dragomon Hunter beta they can experience the huge world, hundreds of unique monsters, and even turn any defeated creature into a mount. The beta is currently available to all Founder’s Pack owners, but those who sign up on the Dragomon Hunter website will be given a chance at access during the upcoming weeks. Furthermore, interested players should keep an eye to the MMOGames giveaway section where we will be handing out keys.

Dragomon Hunter features anime-style graphics and four unique classes: Mage, Cleric, Mercenary, and Scout. The Mercenary wields powerful battleaxes and greatswords while rushing to the front lines of battle. Scouts rely on their speed while utilizing dual blades and rifles. Tapping into the elements, the mage channels magic through their staves and hunting horns to cause devastating damage from far away. Finally, the Cleric is the backbone of any group by providing healing in addition to bashing enemies with their hammer.

The game is set to officially launch in Europe and North America in the coming weeks and will feature famous voice actors from various anime series.

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